Our Catalogue

Bottle Printers of South Africa has recently undertaken the service of supply and distribution of bottles as per our catalogue and more, based on your requirements. This comes after continuous demand by our customers to make it easier for them to deal with one supplier and printer attaining a ‘one-stop-shop’ rather than having to work through to multiple parties in order to get their final product on shelf. We are proud to introduce our catalogue whether you are needing your bottles printed or not. We also offer different colours of HDPE, Polyprop, PET, LDPE for you, our customer, to make your products as attractive and unique as possible.

We offer very low order quantities in most cases, to box quantities coupled with closures of your choice whether it is pumps, flip top caps, disc top caps, mist spray pumps or lotion pumps, we can make all of these available, and in certain cases match colours of your closure to your bottle catering to the Cosmetic, Personal Care, Promotional and Beverage markets. If what you need is not in our catalogue, please give us an idea of what you envisage, and we will be more than happy to assist in finding what you require as our range does extend.

Bottle Printers’ doors are open for your enquiries, and we look forward to hearing from you!

500ml Curved

BP Code: BPMIN101

500ml Straight

BP Code: BPMIN102

330ml Straight

BP Code: BPMIN102

500ml Standard

BP Code: BPMIN103

330ml Standard

BP Code: BPMIN104

500ml Teardrop

BP Code: BPMIN105

330ml Teardrop

BP Code: BPMIN106

500ml Square Shoulder

BP Code: BPMIN107

375ml Juice

BP Code: BPMIN108

500ml Long

BP Code: BPMIN109





50ml Straight Sided Jar

BP Code: BPJar301

125ml Straight Sided Jar

BP Code: BPJar302

250ml Straight Sided Jar

BP Code: BPJAR303

100ml BP Jar

BP Code: BPJAR304

125ml BP Jar

BP Code: BPJAR305

250ml BP Jar

BP Code: BPJar306

100ml - 750ml Oval Jar

BP Code: BPJAR307 BP Code: BPJAR309 BP Code: BPJAR310 BP Code: BPJAR311



30ml Tot Glasses

BP Code: BPPRO403

350ml "Disposable" Cup

*various colours available

BP Code: BPPRO404

500ml "Disposable" Cup

*various colours available

BP Code: BPPRO405.png

750ml Sports Bottle

And Many More!

BP Code: BPPRO401

800ml Visi

And Many More!

BP Code: BPPRO402







30ml BP Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS301

100ml BP Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS302

125ml BP Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS303

150ml BP Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS304

200ml BP Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS305

250ml BP Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS306

30ml Boss Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS307

100ml Boss Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS308

200ml Boss Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS309

250ML Boss Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS310

500ML Boss Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS311

200ml Boss Oval

BP Code: BPCOS312

400Ml Boss Oval

BP Code: BPCOS313

250ml Boss Bullet

BP Code: BPCOS314

200ml Boss Bullet

BP Code: BPCOS315

100ml Boss Bullet

BP Code: BPCOS316

50ml Boss Bullet

BP Code: BPCOS317

250ml/400ml Boss Bell

BP Code: BPCOS318
BP Code: BPCOS319

200ml/400ml/1000ml Wave Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS320
BP Code: BPCOS321
BP Code:BPCOS322

30ml/100ml/175ml/200ml Bruce Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS340
BP Code: BPCOS341
BP Code: BPCOS342
BP Code: BPCOS343

300ML/500ml/1000ml Bruce Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS324
BP Code: BPCOS325
BP Code: BPCOS326

100ml/150ml/250ml Silhouette

BP Code: BPCOS327
BP Code: BPCOS328
BP Code: BPCOS329

400ml/200ml Lotion

BP Code: BPCOS330
BP Code: BPCOS331

300ml BP Squat PET

BP Code: BPCOS332

50ml Squat Amenity

BP Code: BPCOS337

50ml Round Amenity

BP Code: BPCOS338

50ml Long Amintiy

BP Code: BPCOS339

60ml/125ml/200ml Tissue Oil Bottle

BP Code: BPCOS347
BP Code: BPCOS348
BP Code: BPCOS349

Closures and Caps

Rounded Flip Top Caps
Standard Flip Top Caps
Ribbed Screw Top Caps
Disc Caps
Mist Spray Pumps
Lotion Pumps