Bottle Printers – Glass Packaging

Bottle Printers of South Africa accommodates all of its customers and potential customers with providing new and ground-breaking ways of decorating and printing for them to achieve the best possible look for their product as the staff at Bottle Printers knows how important it is, and how much value is added to a product just by its packaging.

Knowledge and experience is brought to the forefront of any new project to allow their customers’ imagination to materialise into what they had envisaged for their product, where Bottle Printers on a daily basis is finding new ways of decorating, always on the cutting edge of technology.

The recent purchase of a Glass Coating machine has allowed Bottle Printers to delve more into the art of decorating a bottle, giving room for almost limitless possibilities. For instance, coating a clear(flint) glass bottle with 5 different colours with a shading/vignette effect.

Although Bottle Printers has minimum order quantities of 1000 units, they understand the necessity for the smaller runs whether it is for promotional purposes, or the customer that is starting out, therefore they negotiate regularly on the orders below 1000 units.

With quality and service, Bottle Printers holds strict systems that regulate production scheduling and machine lines to create the best possible forecast for lead times which gives them the flexibility needed when those urgent orders creep in.

With Silkscreening, Pad Printing, frosting, Sleeving and Coating of Glass bottles, Bottle Printers of South Africa moves to create an unbeatable offering to all of its customers and future customers, as well as growing with them in bringing new and innovative ways of bottle printing.