Bottle Printers of South Africa is excited about the new prospects for 2014

With new technology available and being explored constantly Bottle Printers keeps on top of new trends and fashions to allow its customers as much freedom of creativity as possible without holding them back.

For over 22 years, Bottle Printers has gained experience and knowledge in its industry. As well as providing the quality and service that it does, incorporating these into the package that Bottle Printers of South Africa offers its customers today. From humble beginnings starting in a garage, Bottle Printers boasts two divisions being Plastic and Glass located at separated sites in Johannesburg.

2013 was a big year for Bottle Printers, Glass Division as it purchased a new coating machine to alter the colour of glass bottles by adding a translucent tint, a solid coat, different textures and even vignetting glass bottles in up to 5 colours. Along with that, 2013 saw a large expansion in its silkscreening department increasing its staff at the same time with Bruce Frewen, who has had almost 20 years experience in the industry, to boost sales accompanying the already seen growth at Bottle Printers, bodes well in preparation for 2014.

Looking at trends where the market is going, Bottle Printers of South Africa intends to focus on a lot of its energy on current technical improvements, as well as moving forward into new advancements that are available to the printing and decorating market liaising with local and international experts continuously. Frequently we see our customers’ need for their product to stand out. In saying that, we work with our customers from development stage even as 3rd party suppliers to understand what our customers want.

Glass printing and decoration as opposed to other means of packaging decoration gives rise to choices that would otherwise not be as freely available with bringing something completely new to the market, especially to smaller customers. Direct printing onto glass bottles as an alternative shows a more upmarket view of a product on the shelf. With the added flexibility of changing a bottle’s colours and textures, it gives that product an exclusivity which differentiates itself from other packaging in its industry.

Although Bottle Printers of South Africa continues to grow and flourish, it is not without external difficulties. Costs increase quarterly almost across the board making it hard to maintain a levelled-out, competitive pricing structure with giving customers the best sourcing available. Bottle Printers have also found difficulty where customers have elected not to support local markets in finding overseas suppliers due to price comparisons where countries with much lower costs can produce at much lower prices, even when taking transportation or freight costs into account. This is obviously only on the basis of a stronger rand.

Bottle Printers’ response to the current external challenges that face them is to maintain and uphold the quality and service that they offer along with a ‘hands on’ approach to accommodating its customers from development stage to delivery, allowing for quick turnaround times and flexibility of changing demands.

The Bottle Printers team knows the value of its larger customers, but values and understands he smaller customers equally, knowing that there is a gap in the market for everyone and can make room for those ‘smaller orders’ having the machinery that is geared for such and can negotiate MOQ’s for the start-up businesses and smaller promotional runs that are needed especially in this continuously growing and changing market. Bottle Printers also strives to make it easier and more flexible with in-house experts needed on certain origination processes as well by having strong relationships with its suppliers of raw materials in order to improve turnaround time and efficiency.