One of a kind in bottle printing

A family run business owned by Bruce and Kathleen Altria, who together have created an impressive industry niche using applications such as pad printing, silk- screening, coating, foiling, sleeving, glass frosting and digital and UV printing to brand, decorate and coat plastic and glass packaging.

Besides keeping the emphasis on plastic bottle decoration, they launched a screen printing division when Caries Mendes joined the business as factory manager in 1998.

The company also operates two bottle recycling stations to reduce waste generated at both plants.

Glass division

At the glass factory print can be done with organic and high stove enamel/ceramic inks, as well as metallic printing with silver and gold ink. Since the acquisition of the modern electrostatic glass colour coating machine, customised according to Bottle Printers’ specifications, Bottle Printers is currently the only one of its kind in South Africa to own this specific technology.

Previously, customers had to import various coated bottles, which left them placing forward orders for minimum quantities across most ranges, not suited to the needs of FMCG customers hence the introduction of a trusted local glass decoration service, offering more consistency and flexibility.
Technology and machinery
Standard and customised screens, pads and tooling are all crafted in-house and QC testing, carried out by five qualified personnel at Midrand and two at Bramley View, form part of the daily routine.

The team has carved an impressive niche for the company in the local cosmetics, fragrance, personal care and beverage packaging arenas by monitoring modern market trends and creating value- added opportunities for various prominent FMCG customers.

The company recently welcomed the installation of a modern electrostatic glass colour coating plant, custom built and commissioned by an international supplier firm. The new plant marks a significant turning point in the company history with Bottle Printers now providing a trusted local glass decoration service that is more consistent and flexible than the competition.

Positive growth point

The plant now produces multi-colour specialised and standard etch finishes by using an electrostatic disc system to produce microfine coating particles.

This advanced coating technology provides Bottle Printersthe flexibility to handle complex shapes and textures with more efficiency than conventional spray applications. In addition, the system is fully enclosed, providing a hygienic working environment.

Depending on bottle size and type, up to 2 500 units can be run through the entire process in one hour in multi-layer or single-layer applications.

Using specially mixed water based polyurethane paints Bottle Printers can provide a full spectrum of colours in frosted, solid and translucent designs as well as UV protection and vignetting if required. These types of applications will appeal to a host of local cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies looking for innovative and eye-catching bottle designs. Besides handling high volume production the company can also offer smaller quantity runs of exclusive colours and designs for start-up or independent companies.’

The glass coating plant has provided Bottle Printers with huge potential for growth, with the company already making positive inroads with several established and new FMCG customers.