Glossary of terms

PassesAmount of times the machine goes over the bottle/component.
Origination ChargesOnce off Positive and Screen/Plate charges
ScreenA component of the silkscreening process
PlateA component of the Pad printing process
PositiveAll artwork is separated and converted to individual positives for us to create screens and plates.
ArtworkRequired to be supplied by the customer in Corel Draw or Vector PDF.
FoilA print process in the form of a heat press to print a ‘shiny’ print onto the component.
Foiling BlockA component of the foiling process
Setup ChargesCharged where we are supplied less than 1000 units. This has nothing to do with the origination charges. Setup Charges may be charged on every print run should the quantities not meet or exceed 1000.
VariantA variant is a product broken down into the number of colours.
Reject / Scrap / Breakage allowanceIn the direct print process, there is setup bottle needed, as well as scrap allowance on the print run. Each orders’ allowance varies on the process used, and difficulty of print etc.