Terms and conditions



Except as otherwise agreed in writing, all transactions, quotations and contracts, written and oral, for printing services by Bottle Printers, shall be subject to these terms and conditions.


“Bottle Printers” means Bottle Printers of South Africa (Pty) Ltd;

“CPA” means the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008;

“Customer” means the person, natural or otherwise, who engages services from Bottle Printers under these terms and conditions;

“Days” means ordinary days, including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays;

“Items” means those items supplied by a customer to Bottle Printers, for printing, including but not limited to glasses, bottles and containers.


Quotations submitted according to customer requirements will remain valid for a period of 30 days. Bottle Printers reserves the right to amend any quote should the printing specifications or the quantity of printing required change.

To accept a Bottle Printers quote, the quote must be signed and dated by the customer and returned to Bottle Printers via email. No printing will commence prior to receipt of a signed quote.


A 70% deposit of the total amount payable is due once the quote has been signed by the customer and an invoice has been rendered for such amount by Bottle Printers. Bottle Printers will not be held responsible for a failure to complete printing on time, if the deposit amount is paid late.


Once a quote has been accepted, a 70% deposit is required before printing commences, for new customers. The balance must be paid upon completion of the printing and on presentation of proforma invoice. Payment must be made into Bottle Printers’ bank account or in cash. No cheques will be accepted. If any additional printing is required, Bottle Printers reserves the right to amend the total amount reflected on the quote to bring the quote in line with the additional printing required by the customer.

Bottle Printers’ bank details are: Standard Bank, Rivonia, Account No: 420066756, Branch Code: 001255.


Before Bottle Printers begins the printing of an order from a customer, a single glass bottle or container from the customer’s stock will be run through Bottle Printers’ ovens.

Bottle Printers runs this printing test to assess the viability of the material to be printed, given the high temperatures used in printing on glass and other containers.

Should the printing on the sample glass, bottle or container be successful, the rest of the stock will be printed, under the same temperature as the test item. The customer hereby agrees that the test process results in sufficient due care and diligence being carried out by Bottle Printers for printing on glass. Any breakage or damage that occurs to items after following this process will not be Bottle Printers’ responsibility, save for gross negligence. Subject to the CPA, no claim shall lie against Bottle Printers arising out of or in connection with any defects in, or unsuitability of the items supplied for printing.

The onus lies on the customer, before the sample item is tested, to ensure that the glasses/bottles/containers provided are of equal quality. Failing customers advising otherwise, Bottle Printers will proceed to print on the items provided on the understanding that they are all of equal quality. Customers are required to advise Bottle Printers of any limitations to items that may influence the printing process. Customers are required to inform Bottle Printers of the substance that will fill the items, if any, as this could affect the print.


Bottle Printers does not offer special packaging. Items are packed back into the packaging that Bottle Printers received them in, unless customers request Bottle Printers to provide the packaging. In such an instance, Bottle Printers will quote a customer for packaging. Any special requests, such as separate plastic liners required for each item, will be charged for in addition to the printing costs.


Customers shall have no claim against Bottle Printers and hereby indemnifies and holds Bottle Printers free from liability in respect of any loss or damage incurred or sustained when engaging Bottle Printers services, save for damage/loss that is a result of gross negligence. In particular, customers shall have no claim against Bottle Printers for any loss or damage incurred if the customer supplies Bottle Printers with substandard items for printing or items of inconsistent quality.


All intellectual property rights vested in or owned by a party or held by a party, shall remain the sole property of such party. Customers shall not be entitled to use any of the trademarks, logos, brand names, or other marks of Bottle Printers without the prior written approval of Bottle Printers. The customer hereby grants Bottle Printers the right to use the customer’s marks to the extent necessary for Bottle Printers to carry out the printing services required.


Bottle Printers uses the information customers provide when placing an order to process the order. The information is not shared with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order, for example where a credit facility is applied for by a customer.


Bottle Printers requires customers to collect their printed goods, once the printing is complete and packaged. Goods must be collected within 30 days of Bottle Printers notifying the customer that the goods are ready for collection. Should the goods remain with Bottle Printers after the expiry of the 30-day period, Bottle Printers will charge the customer a daily storage fee for the uncollected goods up until day 60. If the printed goods are not collected on day 60, Bottle Printers reserves the right to destroy the goods.

If the customer is unable to collect the printed goods and requires delivery of the goods, Bottle Printers must be notified of this timeously and will quote the customer for the delivery. Bottle Printers cannot deliver goods outside of Gauteng. 


Once the printed goods have been collected, Bottle Printers is no longer responsible for the goods. Customers need to take care of their printed goods following collection. As a courtesy, Bottle Printers will furnish customers with instructions for care and/or place the instructions on Bottle Printers website. Customers should engage with Bottle Printers if they are unclear as to how to maintain their goods following printing.


Should any issue(s) arise relating to these terms and conditions, the customer hereby agrees to raise such issue (s) first with the Director of Bottle Printers, to attempt to resolve the issue amicably and cost-effectively. If the Director is unable to resolve the issue to Bottle Printers’ and the customer’s satisfaction, the customer agrees to participate in mediation by a neutral third party, prior to approaching any competent court for relief.